Runny Race

Speak for yourself, it’s not disgusting. Basically he have water, honey and oil. We had to try and see which liquid is the fastest. Water is normal, Honey, really slow and oil is fast. We don’t know how many seconds it takes, maybe you can tell us in the comments!


What makes a narrative

Warning: This post is boring, I put no effort into this post because, I did not want to write about. Pictures can tell 1000 words. 

Narratives include proven facts that no one likes, but we don’t care about proven facts, because what I just write was just a joke. (I like my humour, #EarlyAprilFools) Narritives… Coff coff Wrong spelling! Narratives includes a beginning, a middle, and a end, Called, Orientation, (Beginning) Problem, (Middle) Resolution and ending.

It also include fiction, paragraphs and punctuation.

I hope you enjoy making a narrative because, its easy when you have ideas.



Anti Bullying Day Pledge

This is not a normal post I usually do, So don’t read the pledge if you don’t understand.

I promise not to bully anyone, I promise never to tease, I promise to help someone when bullied, by asking are you ok. I promise not to harass people in class, I promise to never post rude stuff on social media, I promise never to cyber bully. I promise, not to do any type of bullying.

So basically, its anti bullying day, we got wrist bands and all of that stuff, hopefully you don’t ever bully some, Because I’m trying to make everyone stars, not mars’.

Sailing At Eppalock, Feelings and What happened

Before I start telling you something, I’m using red text because, I didn’t like the first day at sailing, there were too much wasps and bees, and I am petrified of those.

On the 15/3/2016 and the 16/3/2016 we all gone to the Bendigo Yacht Club, they told us the activities and what groups we go in.


We started with grass activities first, the first activity was Captain Says, little bit like Simon Says.

I ran out of time to finish this blog post, read the others, it will tell you more.


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